Jan Quaritius
WOW! Your work is transformative. I actually felt that I was in that moment. It is magical, your use of color, the subjects you chose and the way you interpret them behind the lense! Needless to say brilliant.
I always knew you loved photography, but you have taken this to a new level. Please continue to share.
Larry Sherman(non-registered)
So impressive!! Until I actually checked out your collection I had no idea of just how talented you really are. What a treat. You have an amazing ability of artfully capturing a moment in time and telling a story simultaneously. What a gift. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing. Larry
David, these are beautifully captured. The colors are really sharp and you get the feeling that you are there seeing it live. Very nice work.

Love you, xxx ooo xxx

Greg Watson(non-registered)
Absolutely magnifico!
Kayte Soasey(non-registered)
Hello my friend,
What a delight and pleasure it is to see you again (you haven't changed a bit) and to see the work of your hands and eyes. I loved the choice of music as you perfectly shared your creativity. This part of you I have never known.
Congratulations on yet another rewarding move of your special being.
Love you as well, and hope someday you a Zoe will visit me in MX
carole propp(non-registered)
really enjoyed looking through your photos, you have a wonderful eye and good technique, thank you for sharing
Gabrielle Donato(non-registered)
Oh David, These are just wonderful. I haven't had the gift of motivation for creativity/photos much to my loose but I am sure it will come soon, especially after viewing your captured moments in time. They are wonderful, I just love them. The "City Music" first photo is my favorite and the two photos of you come in 2nd. Thanks my friend.
Love to Zoe..
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